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In a large and developing economy like ours, the pattern of production and consumption changes rapidly. Here, the ability to quickly respond to these changes determines the success of a business enterprise.

The marketplace is the interface between product and consumer. All market and customer driven business enterprises therefore tailor their strategy, based on the marketplace.

Against the backdrop of studying successful businesses in several countries, Amazon was set up over a decade ago, with the objective of providing world class management inputs to businesses in India.

As commercial enterprises have to be market and customer driven, Amazon adopted the market management and research route to achieve its aim.

Business research is an intricate, involved and specialized subject and specialization cannot be mass produced. We therefore believe that in our business, small is beautiful.

Any specialization needs expertise, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm. And at Amazon, we pursue our specialization with a passion.

Although we respect relevant foreign technology, we believe in our own education, training and wisdom, to analyses our own businesses and our own markets. We believe in the energy of youth.

We also believe in the innovation and creativity of youth, even if it has to be tempered with the maturity and experience of the old.

Today, intelligent and sustained hard work has set us apart. We have had the privilege of working for leading, savvy organizations - many of which are among the largest business houses of India - who have trusted us again and again. We have participated in setting up new businesses and in expanding existing ones.

We have assisted in identifying new opportunity areas and in evaluating their short, medium and long term commercial potential. We have been involved in domestic markets as well as in international markets. In industrial as well as in consumer markets.

Our analysis has helped structure new organizations and restructure old ones. We have constituted a fine team, whose talent and honesty of purpose is beyond compare.

  • Industrial Market Research
  • Agricultural Market Research
  • Healthcare Market Research
  • Consumer Goods Market Research
  • International Market Research
  • Direct Marketing
Industrial Market Research
Methodical Industrial Market Research is a key tool in understanding the likely future demand, reducing risks and increasing sales. Amazonís vast experience in Industrial Market Research helps us understand that the markets are often very different and therefore for instance, to identify a new business opportunity, Amazon first understands its clientsí strengths, weaknesses and expectations. The industrial horizons are then scanned so to speak, nationally or globally. Complimentary or synergistic business opportunities are identified and short listed. Engineering and Capital Equipment, Industrial and Capital Goods, Industrial Consumables, Basic and Specialty Chemicals (including petrochemicals), Industrial Products and Electrical Equipment are a few important areas of our expertise.
Agricultural Market Research
Agricultural Market Research are offered by Amazon. Our services include a wide array of studies on Pre and Post Harvesting Equipment, Micro Irrigation Implements, Drip & Sprinkler Systems, Agricultural Implements like Tractors, Irrigation Systems, Tillers etc. Identifying new potential market and developing entry strategy in the existing market is always emphasized upon.
Direct Marketing
Increased Reach, Brand Building and Creating brand awareness are the most important areas of Study and Research under Amazon Direct Marketing division.
  • Brand Propagation
  • Brand image
  • Lead generation
International Market Research
Amazon’s International Market Research assists in identifying, evaluating and comparing potential foreign market opportunities and developing a marketing plan.  Advising on Market Entry Strategies, Location Identification and Distributor & Partner Identification is Amazon’s prime expertise.  Amazon has developed strategies to enter into several overseas markets, including Middle East, SAARC region, South East Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and China.
  • Channel Partner Identification
  • Price Sensitivity
Consumer Goods Market Research
Identifying and studying the preferences, attitude and behavior of consumers in a competitive economy is the prime objective of Amazon’s Consumer Goods Market Research.  White Goods, Brown Goods, Kitchen Equipment, Building Management Products & Services, Air-conditioning Equipment, Consumer Durables, Home Decorating & Architectural Products, Interior Designing Products, Stationary products and Personal Healthcare Products are the main areas of the research and studies (Qualitative and Quantitative).
  • White Goods and Brown Goods
  • Domestic Lighting
  • Architectural products
  • Furniture & furnishings
Healthcare Market Research
Amazon has designed and conducted customized Healthcare Market Research studies for many of its clients. Amazon specializes in performing research and studies related to Clinical Laboratory Equipment, Pathology Equipment, Surgical Products, Imaging Equipment, Medical Devices, Medical Equipment, Hospital Equipment and Furniture, Equipment for Radiology and Microbiology etc.
  • Medical Equipment
  • Surgical Consumables
Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Monitoring Division
Amazon is a Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Monitoring company headquartered in Mumbai. Amazon works with client companies to measure their customers’ satisfaction with products and services, in absolute and relative terms. It not only works as a strategic tool to build castle around your key customers but also results in incisive customer oriented strategies to generate more satisfied customers and consequently more business. The other key services of this division include Vendor Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction, Internal Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, Brand Image and Corporate Communication Effectiveness Studies.
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Vendor Satisfaction
  • Channel Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
Over the years, Amazon client base has expanded to cover companies in all sectors of commerce. It has been our relentless endeavor to enlarge the role of conventional market research to full fledged Business Research and we have been rewarded for our effort.

In order to provide integrated management solutions to our clients, all our activities have to be closely inter dependent. Amazon therefore has a loosely constituted system of divisionalisation that allows for freedom of thought while ensuring functional focus.

Our divisionalisation has been a product of client need. This segregation has been made keeping in mind the specific needs of each of the activities. Extensive field investigation with advanced analytical techniques are routinely deployed to evolve an accurate quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Experience from several successful projects are simulated for similar situations. Amazon's strength lies in weaving different aspects of business into a winning fabric.

Customer division has been an experiment of our company which aims at providing upgraded reports as frequently as the customer desires, at a fraction of the original cost. Not only this, we also offer to renew or upgrade any research that a client may have carried out in the past ten years.

Finding total solutions can involve:

  • Identifying new business opportunities
  • Demand estimation and forecasting
  • Identifying demand gaps and niche markets
  • Export market identification and export potential studies
  • Techno economic feasibility studies
  • Measurement of customer expectation and satisfaction
  • Analysis of consumer behavior, pricing and packaging as well as buying attitudes
  • Employee training initiatives
  • Pre & post advertising research, focus group discussions
  • Corporate image studies
  • Investigating client strengths and realigning them to meet the requirements of the market.
  • Research involving dealers, end users and potential customers
  • Price sensitivity analysis
  • Direct mailing, telemarketing, event management, dealer promotion
Implementation of recommendations of our company's analysis has been a satisfying aspect of our professional achievement. We have taken great pride in being associated with client interests over several years. It has not only cemented relationships - so vital to Amazonís long term vision - but also given our executives hands on experience with implementation of new and challenging techniques.
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